How To: New Uses for Old Calendars

| 3/1/2011 2:13:00 PM

Even in the age of technology, colorful calendars with photographs or drawings are still being published, sold and hung in various places as a reference. When the year is over, calendars are taken down and thrown in the garbage, put in a recycle bin for the trash collector, or saved for its pictures. Over time I have saved many different herb calendars ranging from the years 1998 to 2004. I have been saving them for the recipes, craft ideas, gardening information and beautiful photographs or drawings inside them.

Reuse your old herbal calendars to make colorful envelopes and stationery.
Photo by Desiree Bell

While browsing through a magazine I came across an article on how to make envelopes out of calendar pictures.

Make Envelopes Out of Calendar Pictures

1. Take an envelope of any size, carefully unglue the edges and open it up to a flat position.

2. Place the opened envelope on a calendar picture where it would look best as a finished envelope. Trace and cut out on the lines, fold and crease to make the calendar envelope.

3. Close the bottom part of the envelope using double stick runner tape. Put a tape strip on each side of the closure flap and leave the extra paper strip on the tape until you use the envelope.