Product Review:

| 8/25/2008 10:36:00 AM


Last Tuesday, sent us a few items for review.  A Culinary Herb Kit, an Herb Tea Garden Kit and a Garden Stacker Planter.  The kit also came with  Jiffy Peat Soil Pellets, a how-to DVD, an instruction manual, tea filters and a tea infuser.  Total retail value: $109.95. Sale Price: $94.94! Price: B+ 

Together, the items are meant to create an indoor herb garden that, if tended properly, should yield fresh indoor herbs all winter long.  And that is just what I’m bound to find out!

Immediately I tried constructing the garden stacker, which was for the most part, intuitive.  The 9-pot plastic stacker can sit on the floor or be hung from a chain, which is provided in the box.  The chain was a hard to attach to the pots, as was the saucer. Other than that, it looks pretty cool.  A- on the stacker.


A Basil Sprout

Opening the kits, I found the seeds organized in neat, clearly labeled containers.  They came with a helpful laminated guide showing detailed plant instructions for each of the seeds:  Light, water and soil requirements, germination periods, tips for growing success and successful seed storage.  In addition, a