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Halloween Decorations: Black Garden Plants

by Ariel Tilson

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If you love the frightening allure of zombies and vampires, why not try a Halloween decorating scheme with the next best thing—black flowers. The somber flora in Black Plants, written by Paul Bonine who is the co-owner of Xera Plants, are far from the withered, dried image you’d normally equate with black flowers.

Instead, Bonine lists 75 species of black plants that range from distant and exotic Dracula orchids to the more familiar black hollyhocks. These flowers can add mystery and intrigue to your flower garden all year long. But most importantly, they work great for creating fabulous Halloween bouquets.

bonine cover
Photo Courtesy of Timber Press, Inc.

If you’d like more tips for creating a spooky Halloween garden of your own, check out Geraldine A. Laufer’s article Spooky Halloween Garden and get a head start on next year's Halloween decorations.

black hollyhocks
Photo by spike55151/Courtesy Flickr

Have you grown black flowers in your garden before? What are some of your favorite Halloween plant decorations? Leave me a comment and let me know.