Guerilla Gardening: Planting Herbs in Downtown Kansas City

| 7/20/2009 10:04:41 AM

After procuring a truckload of marigolds and various herbs and tomato plants, I sent a message out to the forces. I made my way to Niko Niko’s to throw back a PBR and rally the Guerrillas. The secret to changing the world is not to talk so much. Just start doing something and the rest will fall into place. An integral factor to this equation is faith. 

The Captain and Niko Niko were on the porch drinking a few beers and seeming bored when I asked them if they wanted to install another guerrilla garden. 

“You know I’m down for whatever,” The Captain replied. As always, he follows the current, keeping in step with time. 

“When you wanna do it?” Niko Niko asked. 

“Oh,” I looked down at my watchless wrist, “I was thinking right now.” 

Two slammed beers and car doors later, The Captain vaults into the truck bed and we were on our way to 12th and Grand, hearts racing with the excitement of the task ahead. The streetlights gleam off my Silver Tacoma and The Captain’s shades. I look to Niko Niko and she smiles back at me. For such a small truck, it can carry tons and tons of love.