Growing Tarragon in your Garden

| 4/13/2011 1:47:28 PM

A. HawkinsAli has been gardening since she was young. Her family always had a garden where she used to love planting and drying herbs. As she has grown up and moved around the world, she has found a constant comfort in gardening and herbs. (  

Garden buyers—be informed this spring!

When you're at the local garden store or nursery I want to make sure you go in armed with knowledge about what I think may be one of those most mis-labeled herbs.

There are several plants that can be and are labeled tarragon. You'll want to be familiar with a few tidbits of information to determine exactly which of these plants you're buying.

4-13-2011-french tarragonFRENCH TARRAGON (Artemisia dracunculus)

This herb, pictured at right, is considered by most to be the "genuine" culinary herb and is most likely the tarragon plant you're hoping to plant in you're garden.