The Garden Buzz: Growing Strategies for Beginning Herb Gardeners

| 1/28/2011 3:59:50 PM

R.HayesYou can check out Rhonda Hayes at her blog  

My beginning experiences with herb gardening are merely “misty watercolor memories” by now.

However I do remember my first efforts at actually growing and propagating herbs, because I quickly wanted more of these delightful plants, and in greater quantities.

One of my biggest questions was which way to propagate each herb; by seed, cutting or division? It’s possible to grow just about every herb from seed, but is it the best way? Standing before the herb seed packets in the rack at the garden center, they would have you to believe it’s a simple matter. Yet your time, energy, patience, growing conditions and money all figure big in the decision.

Back then I read all the information in books, but still I wish there had been one of those wizened and wise herb ladies who would have condensed it all for me into something simple and sweet…

This list is short but includes some of the most popular culinary herbs. These tasty herbs are also great as landscape plants and attractants of pollinators and beneficial insects. After all, herbs are the original multi-taskers!