Cinderella Pumpkins: Growing Cucurbita Maxima

| 10/21/2010 3:19:37 PM

K.AmenKathy Amen would like to thank her dear friend Kari Loth for giving her a subscription to The Herb Companion magazine. 

Every pumpkin has a story and in this case the one I recently discovered is the Cucurbita maxima, an heirloom variety from France. 

Photo by Kathy Amen 

It is the variety for Cinderella's coach in the beloved fairy tale of Cinderella. This beautiful pumpkin promises to become redder in color as the season progresses!

One plant produces 25-pound reddish orange pumpkins. This pumpkin has delicious flesh. Excellent for carving or making pumpkin pie!  

Find Cucurbita maxima seeds here.