Growing Big Herbs: Angelica, Borage and Tansy

| 5/10/2010 11:01:35 AM

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I was recalling a favorite article from The Herb Companion today. Ten years ago I was looking for big herbs that would take up space but still add a punch to the herb garden. The January 2000 article Big is Beautiful, by Rob Proctor, has a fabulous chart at the end of the article that gives a tremendous amount of information on big herbs for any region of the country. Here are three big herbs in my herb garden.

1. Angelica

You often hear the phrase "Timing is everything!" I believe that this is true in my herb garden this year. We had such a snowy February, but my herb garden is thriving despite the snow. I should have removed some of the angelicas in March when they were small, e.g. herbal timing. The Herbal Husband said to me "The roots go to China!" as he tried to move some of them a few days ago. What I really want you to see is that many angelicas are a little too much.

More angelica is a bit too much in my herb garden.

More is not better. I am going to work in the next days to remove some especially the ones in the front. Angelica is a biennial, or a short-lived perennial, that likes morning sun and afternoon shade. It also needs more moisture. However, some of these angelicas are in the shade in the morning and the sun in the afternoon! They may not do as well with that combination of sun/shade. This is a shot from last season when they were in bloom.