Green Your Life: Green Product Review: The Woolly Wally Pocket

| 10/11/2010 3:33:30 PM

I shared some of my adventures in container gardening with you recently, and since then I’ve delved even deeper into the exciting world of potted plants. In fact, I’ve accumulated so many plants that floor space is becoming an issue. Thankfully, I came across the Woolly Wally Pocket, an amazing hanging felt planter that combines sustainability with space-saving savvy. 

Before I spotted the Wally, my world was filled with pots and planters made either out of terra cotta or some repurposed bucket or coffee cup. The Wally is made out of felt, a breathable material that allows the soil to aerate naturally, which makes for healthier roots and happier plants. The felt also makes this planter super light and flexible but also very durable. This isn’t just any old felt from the store, however. The Woolly Wally Pocket is made of 100% recycled plastic bottles.  

Wooly Wally Pocket with tomato plants 
These two tomato plants are quite a cozy in my Wally Pocket and are actually faring better than some of the potted plants I keep outside. Photo By Dani Hurst. 

The Woolly Wally Pocket comes in both an indoor and outdoor model. The indoor model has a moisture barrier that protects the wall and floor from getting wet every time you water and also creates a small water reservoir, while the outdoor model does not (because, hey, it’s outside.) 

Another unique feature of the Wally is that it is made to mount on your wall, freeing up a lot of floor space. Each individual Wally measures 15-by-24 inches and can hold .40 cubic feet of soil, which makes a pretty spacious home for most plants. I’m currently growing two tomato plants in my Wally. While this is probably less soil than you’d usually use for two tomato plants, my plants are thriving and show no signs that they’re too cramped. In fact, I even had enough room in the Wally to erect a simple wooden trellis to stabilize the plants when they got bigger and started fruiting. 

Wooly Wally Pocket diagram