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Start Thyme Seeds For Your Spring Garden

by Patsy Bell Hobson 

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I have a lot more thyme than I used to. If you want more thyme, try these tips.

Thyme (Thymus vulgaris) is an aromatic herb valued as an ornamental and culinary herb. It has small lavender or pink flowers. Plant thyme in a rock garden or border for decoration; cultivate it for culinary seasoning. Thyme grows around 6 to 12 inches tall. It has a sprawling habit and can easily be increased from cuttings, crown division or seeds. This month, I'm planting common thyme seed from Burpee.  

Garden 1
Strip tiny leaves from stem.
Photo by Patsy Bell Hobson

After its first year, cut thyme plants back each spring to renew them and keep them tidy. Plants prefer well-drained dry soil. Since it grows slowly, especially early in its life, weed-control is essential. It is a perennial in Zones 5 to 8.

Use fresh thyme with zucchini. Sauté any summer squash in a bit of butter and olive oil with onion, parsley, and thyme.

03-28-2011-thyme close up 

Seed Packet Giveaway 

Burpee has agreed to give away a packet of common thyme seed packets to three blog readers. You can also find Burpee on Facebook


• Post a comment in the comments section below describing how you would use your thyme seeds. 

End date: April 10, 2011 (12:00 a.m. Central Time) UPDATE: Time's up! 

And the winners are ...

Wilkwise in Fairburn, Georgia: "After they germinate and are large enough to transplat, I'd add them to our flower/herb garden on the side of the house."

Lyn Mitchell in Pittsford, New York: "Thyme is a great herb for use in soups."

Sue in Covington, Indiana: "Thyme is one of my favorite herbs. I plant it in pots and in areas that need a little something. I love using thyme in my receipes. I also have a great herbal vinegar that I make and give as gifts."

Winners were chosen using Thanks to everyone who entered my Garden Giveaway! Watch out for even more giveaways.