Garden Giveaway: So Many Basils, So Little Time

| 5/16/2012 12:07:00 PM

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Basil has to be my all-time favorite fresh summer herb. This aromatic herb's flavors blend well with tomatoes, making the two a perfect match. They taste great together in recipes like Caprese Salad and grow well together as companion plants in the garden.

Basil is easy to grow from seed. And now that all danger of frost is passed, basil can be directly sown. Luckily I have room in my garden for more than one variety of basil (and more than one variety of tomato!).

Part of the joy of growing herbs and flowers from seed is that I can afford to be generous. If I am buying an individual plant, my choices are limited. With a little pack of seed, I planted a dozen basil plants along a walkway last year. It's impossible to walk by and not brush my hand over the plants, releasing a heavenly fragrance.

Left: Italian or sweet basil, Center: Thai basil, Right: Mrs. Burn's lemon basil 

I like Renee's Garden's Scented Basil Trio. This seed packet packages three mixed basil seed. It's a fun surprise planting these seeds and not knowing what will come up where. I love them all—cinnamon basil, Mrs. Burn's lemon basil and red rubin basil—so it really doesn't matter which comes up where. I have planted the Scented Basil Trio in a mixed herb and flower garden, and it seems like a butterfly magnet.