Top Tips for Decorating Your Garden with Flair

| 9/26/2017 9:59:00 AM

Whether you’re a total green thumb or just starting to learn about gardening, it’s fun to not only think about plants and the lawn in your yard, but also ways you can add flair to your outdoor spaces with décor items. A few carefully-selected pieces can really dress up even the tiniest or drabbest space, and have you wanting to spend more time in your outdoor areas every day. Read on for some tips you can follow when it comes to garden décor today.

flowers in bicycle planter
Photo by Shutterstock/Grisha Bruev.

Make a Plan and Set a Budget

The first step to help you in your decorating journey is to create a plan for what you want to achieve. No matter the size of your outdoor space, it is helpful to think about things such as what you want each space to accomplish when it comes to functionality or effect, plus the contour of the land. If you don’t take the time to put a plan in place, you can find yourself with a strange mixture of items that don’t work together or achieve the overall look and goals you desire.

A lack of planning can also cause you to spend more money on your garden décor than you really wanted to. Even though you might only spend $50 here and $100 or $200 there on items, these amounts can quickly add up. As such, it pays to set a budget before you start buying goods so that you can keep track of your expenses.

Match the Interior and Exterior Style of Your Home & Personality

As you plan out the décor you’d like to add to your property, it’s important to try to match things to the interior and exterior of your home so that the style is complementary. You also want to ensure everything in your garden is aligned with your personality.

It’s wise to consider the architectural style of your home, the colors used on the exterior of the building, and the type of décor you have used inside the house, and match new purchases accordingly. By carrying the same kind of look from the inside to the outside and into the landscaping, you will create a home that looks and feels harmonized and cohesive.