Helping an Herb Companion Friend

| 12/1/2008 12:00:47 PM

A long-time friend and mentor to Herb Companion contributor, Jim Long, has suffered a tragic loss. Ester Shouse, an avid and sustainable gardener, lost her home in a fire a few days before Thanksgiving. 

Esther Richard

Although the fire ripped through the house quickly, even singeing Ester's hair, the Shouse family all escaped with their lives. 

Ester - Richard - Jars

Ester, now 80, had planted several hundred fruits and vegetables, canning and bottling them for the family's food. Yet, all were destroyed.

Esther - Richard - Sifting

Unfortunately, the humble house was uninsured, and while the Shouse family has the manpower to rebuild, they are financially strapped for cash.  They need our help.

Esther - Richard - Coins

If you would like to help the Shouse family, send a donation with her name to the fund at her local bank:
Security Bank of Rich Hill, at Rockville (MO)
320 West Osage Ave.,
Rockville, MO 64780. 
Your contribution would be doing a great service, for a friend and fellow gardener.  

Thank-you for your time and effort and please email this blog to anyone who might be able to help.