DIY: Drying Fresh Herbs

| 8/18/2009 3:12:15 PM

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 Q: My herbs are ready to harvest and I don’t know how to dry them, freeze them, etc. Help!
—Mary Barnett
Tahlequah, Oklahoma

A: There are a few ways to dry herbs: Hang drying, screen drying, oven drying and refrigerator drying. Each technique has its pros and its cons; some techniques are better for certain herbs. When drying herbs you want to remove moisture from the plant and retain its oils. Usually, the longer it takes to dry the herbs, regardless of the technique, the less oils there will be, which means the dried herbs will have less flavor.

Basic Tips Before you Start the Drying Process

• Pick herbs just before the plant flowers to ensure that the flavors are at their strongest.

• When cutting herbs, make sure they are healthy. A few dead or damaged leaves here and they will not affect your drying as long as you discard them before drying process.

drying herbs
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