Discover Fall Flowers In Season

| 10/19/2010 12:55:34 PM

n.heraud2You can check out the Lemon Verbena Lady at her blog

I thought I might take a small break from my English travels and get you into my fall herb garden. I will admit that I do need a break from gardening in the winter. I enjoy the fall garden because there are a lot of herbs blooming this time of year. More than you might imagine.

The Lemon Verbena Lady's fall-flourishing herbs.
Photo by Nancy Heraud

• Pineapple Sage: I talked about pineapple sage (Saliva elegans) when I shared my Pineapple Sage Jelly recipe last year.

Pineapple sage attracts pollinators and makes delicious jelly.
Photo by Nancy Heraud

Even though we had a hotter than normal summer in my area (Pennsylvannia), the pineapple sage did not bloom this season before the hummingbirds were gone! Besides jelly, pineapple sage flowers and leaves can be added to fruit salads and drinks, and dried leaves can be added to potpourri mixes. Unfortunately for me, pineapple sage is not hardy in this area. It can be brought indoors and placed where it is away from drafts but in as bright an area you can give it with south, east or west exposures. If you have only northern exposures, you need to purchase a grow light!