DeLoach Vineyards: Stirring Biodynamic Horn Silica Prep 501

| 5/19/2010 4:28:35 PM

If you read the first post in the DeLoach Vineyards series, you have a good idea of what Biodynamic farming consists of and why it's important. Check out the video and additional pictures below for more information on Biodynamic horn silica prep 501, the stirring process and the friendships that exist amongst Biodynamic winegrowers.

DeLoach Vineyards winegrower Eric Pooler explains the camaraderie amongst Biodynamic prep stirrers.  

bottom of biodynamic prep stirrer
Media professional Kendall Johnson shows the group what the bottom of the Biodynamic prep stirrer looks like—it's a group of sticks! Photo By Kim Wallace.

cow horns
Cow horns are loaded with crushed quartz, buried and retrieved to mix with water to create Biodynamic prep 501. Photo By Kim Wallace.

cow horns and silica
A bowl of silica prep rests next to cow horns atop an oak barrel. Photo By Kim Wallace.