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DeLoach Vineyards: Farm-Fresh Eggs

By Staff

After trying farm-fresh eggs from DeLoach Vineyards’ Biodynamic, organic farm and garden, I’ve made a vow to buy only local eggs whenever possible.

While visiting the winery earlier this year, I got the chance to sample half a dozen eggs from DeLoach’s pasture-raised hens. The farm-fresh eggs, which ranged in color from ivory to speckled brown, had bright orange yolks and an exceptional, creamy taste. Besides the aesthetics and delicious flavor, pasture-raised eggs boast more nutritious value than their supermarket counterparts; eggs from hens raised on pasture contain four to six times as much vitamin D!

Farm-fresh eggs come in various colors, shapes and sizes. Photo By Kim Wallace.

These healthy hens are part of DeLoach Vineyards’ rich, organic ecosystem created under Biodynamic standards. They forage for food and eat a natural diet that consists of seeds, plants, insects, worms and grains. This diverse food choices starkly contrasts with that of factory farm chickens, which are usually fed cheap, additive-laced corn, soy and cottonseed meals. This results in inferior eggs that lack richness, body and texture; you can taste the difference between eggs from farm-fresh and factory-fed chickens!

Chickens and sheep rest in the shade at the DeLoach estate. Photo By Anna Hartman.

Luckily, my newfound love for farm-fresh eggs is easily supported here in the heartland. I’m fortunate to work in an office sprinkled with farmers and homesteaders, so I’ll be getting my beautiful brown and ivory eggs from Grit magazine editor Hank Will every few weeks.

Where do you get your eggs? Can you taste (and see!) the difference between farm-fresh eggs and factory-farm eggs? Tell me about it in the comments section.

  • Published on Jul 1, 2010
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