3 Epic Ways to Conserve Water in Your Garden

| 3/13/2018 5:15:00 PM

As a gardener, water supply is one of the first marks on my checklist for success. When planning the layout for any new gardening adventure—and yes, gardening is an adventure!—you need to incorporate several key components. Sunny location. Check. Well-drained organic soil. Check. Nearby water supply. Check.

These are the necessities for plant life. And while Mother Nature is usually cooperative when it comes to providing plants the basics they need, she can sometimes skimp on the goodies. Now I’m not one to complain when she pulls the drawstrings on her environment a little tighter. I understand this is a give and take partnership between us. Besides, I have access to technology. I can use grow lights when the sun won’t shine. I can “make” my own dirt by tossing kitchen scraps into a pile along with garden debris. But water?

That’s a bit more tricky. I don’t know about you, but I haven’t learned the secret to creating water. But I have learned how to conserve it for my garden, beginning the old-fashioned way. When it rains, I collect, and save it for an “unrainy” day!

mulch in garden
Photo by Dianne Venetta

Homemade Cistern

Harvesting the rain that Mother Nature showers upon us is the first way to conserve water. Simply put, you need a method for redirecting the rain to a collection bin. Now this can be as simple as using the gutter around your roof to collect the rain, then direct it into a downspout funneling the water into a barrel. Add a spigot at the bottom of your barrel and you’re in business.

Simple, right? One crafty inventor by the name of Bas van der Veer took it a step further adding his own elegant flair to the basic model by creating the Raindrop. This fancy version of a cistern incorporates a watering can into the downspout, allowing for the collection of rainwater with the convenience of a built-in watering can. It’s lovely enough to showcase on your patio. Genius!