Celebrating the 2012 Herb of the Year: Make Rose Vinegar

| 2/1/2012 5:07:40 PM

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When I saw Susan Belsinger's book about roses on the International Herb Association website, I was thrilled. I am a self confessed groupie of her work here at The Herb Companion and everywhere else. If a story has her byline, I read it.

She was kind enough to allow me to share this Rose Vinegar recipe from her "The Roses in Your Vinegar" article. Photos are by Marge Powell in a book compiled by Susan Belsinger.   

Rose Vinegar 2-10-2012  Aged Rose Vinegar 2-10-2012
Left: Just bottled, this cider vinegar will absorb the vitamins and rosy color in a few weeks; Right: Taste the vinegar after one month. If you would like more flavor or color, leave the roses and herbs in the bottle, testing once a week.

How to Make Rose Vinegar 

"The mechanics of creating the infused vinegar are basic, but understanding why you would want to keep this vinegar as one of your culinary assets requires explanation.