Celebrating Horseradish: The 2011 Herb of the Year

| 5/15/2011 10:41:32 PM

n.heraud2Last week, Kathleen Gips, the owner of The Village Herb Shop in Chagrin Falls, Ohio, celebrated Herbfest for the 2011 Herb of the Year, horseradish.  Kathleen and I have been friends for a long time. Even before she had an herb shop, I found her selling her jellies, herb mixes and other herbal items at Quailcrest Farm’s herb fair in Wooster, Ohio. I always told her that I was an herbal stalker, but only in the best way!

Kathleen Gips teaching about the Herb of the Year Horseradish

Kathleen is a multi-talented herbalist and author. She has written a book on herbal vinegar called The Complete Vinegar Book and two books on the language of flowers, one called The Language of Flowers: A Book of Victorian Floral Sentiments, and the other called Flora’s Dictionary. My Herbal Companion, Bonnie, and I have driven the two hours up to The Village Herb Shop many times. This time it was equally relaxing and educational. Kathleen always infuses our minds with herbal knowledge, has some tasty treats for us to try and teaches us how to make and use some delicious mixes and vinegar using horseradish. The treats we got to nibble were Summer Beet Soup garnished with a sweet woodruff flower, bacon horseradish cheddar cheese on a cracker, and spring egg salad with horseradish jelly. (I wonder who made that? ... Me!) A long time customer of Kathleen's made all of the food, except for the jelly. The horseradish jelly is on my blog, but the last two times I made it, it didn't gel. That's a problem. I'm going to tweek the recipe and I will share it with you in a later posting.

A Plate of Herbal Goodies Using Horseradish

These are the products we made in the workshop: Horseradish Mustard Barbecue Rub, Horseradish Onion Vinegar, and Bacon Horseradish Dip Mix. All great additions to this summer's grilling and herbal cooking.

Horseradish Products Made in the Herbfest Workshop