Bring the Garden Inside with a Terrarium

| 6/17/2010 11:42:27 AM

S.CollinsAccording to The New York Times, terrariums are more popular than ever. These captivating worlds filled with small plants (and even small animals such as frogs or lizards!) can add a little bit of the outdoors to any room. Plus, they are fairly low-maintenance for someone constantly on-the-go.

These miniature gardens can go for a bundle of money at a market; why spend a load of money when you can make one at home? Follow these easy (and fun!) steps to create a little garden with your own creative style.

Here is a great example of a closed "egg" terrarium.
Photo by ex.libric/ Courtest Flickr

You will need: an empty glass container, gravel, activated charcoal (if you're using a container with a lid), moss, soil, seeds and optional decorations.

Here are the basic steps to building a terrarium, according to the Terrarium Man.

1. Choose a container. It can be anything you want! It can range from an old fish bowl to a glass bottle.