But It's the Pelvic (Stool) Thrust ...

| 9/15/2008 10:38:00 AM

 Garden Stool 

Product Provided by CleanAirGardening.com

Stand back Cobra Head Hoe.  Look out Crazy Daisy Sprinkler.  There’s a new funny garden gadget in town.  This is the Wearable Gardening Stool - a rather blah name for a hilarious invention.  When I received it to test from CleanAirGardening.com, I appreciated it more for its comedic value than its actual practicality, demonstrating it to my officemates and encouraging them to “sit on it!” (a la Happy Days).

The stool buckles around your waist like a seatbelt, and can be adjusted for different waist, sides and yes, even rear size (for those of us with something of a ba-donka-donk).  That brings up an important point:  I didn’t feel as though I was suffocating the stool, much unlike my bike seat. 

When you stand, the pogo-like contraption points directly out your rear (I know) and makes for a rather amusing sight.  But I have been working on a new garden inspired by our “Mexican Herb Garden” (read: August/September issue), and eventually I overcame the intrinsic embarrassment value and used it.

After a few tens of minutes, I eventually mastered the pelvic thrust required for hands-free seating, and found myself thoroughly enjoying my new tool.  This gadget is the perfect back-saver for planting flowers, weeding, spreading mulch and … milking cows. 

I recorded only a few complaints during my tenure with the stool.  Primarily, having a seat attached to your bum at any given moment makes it that much easier to take breaks, and mud began accumulating in the spring (but easily sprayed off).