BIODOME! (sans Pauly Shore)

| 9/29/2008 12:14:00 PM

biodomeOn September 2, sent me three dome terrariums:  The Culinary Herb GardenThe Fairy Triad and Carnivorous Creations.  I thought the dome terrariums would make great gifts for kids, grandkids or even students, and I was right!

Within two weeks, I noticed wobbly, unusually elongated sprouts that didn’t seem like they would survive past the seedling stage.  But after about 5 weeks of absolutely no care, secondary growth (see photo) occurred in both the Fairy Triad and The Culinary Herb Garden.

Steps toward growth were easy:Biodome Plant Growth
1.  Spread provided perlite in the base and cover with peat moss.
2.  Water
3.  Cover with dome and leave in a sunny spot
4.  Wait

The Carnivorous Creations batch was decidedly hairier.  I mixed the seeds in a bag and refrigerated (for six weeks!).  Next, I’ll plant the refrigerated seeds and wait 1-3 months for them to germinate.  It’s likely most kids will lose interest way before you see a FlyTrap sprout, but once you do see growth, it’ll likely be the most popular dome.

 I would easily recommend any of these products for kids.  The Culinary Herb Garden would also make a greaPlant Condensationt gift for that special adult in your life with the big black thumb, as almost no care is needed.  Only one thing:  With all that evaporation going on inside that dome, it’s tough to actually see what’s (grow)ing on!

The Particulars

The Fairy Triad includes: Great Blue Lobelia, Clover, Evening Star (although they left mine out), and Thyme, as well as perlite, peat moss, a pinweel, rainbow string, and a little fairy figure (who I named Pauly-ette).

The Culinary Herb Garden includes:  Basil, Cilantro (which can be really tough to grow, but did), Dill, Parsely, and Sage again with perlite and peat moss.

And the Carnivorous Creations Kit includes:  Venus Fly Trap, Yellow Trumpet, Hooded Pitcher Plant, Purple Pitcher Plant, Pale Trumpet, Temperate Sundew Plants and Cobra Lillies as well as perlite, peat moss, and some rubber lizards.