4 Ways to Take Spring Cleaning Outdoors

| 5/11/2017 1:26:00 PM


Photo by Adobe Stock/THPStock

Spring means it’s time to tie up the hammock and enjoy warm evenings after getting your hands dirty in the garden. There’s a lot to love about spring, but spring cleaning can keep you stuck indoors, combatting clutter and completing random home maintenance projects.

Get outside and get your green on with outdoor spring cleaning, because you’ve been hibernating a season too long. After the wet part of spring has passed, it’s the perfect time to get out in mild temperatures and cut back old growth, clear debris and make your yard hammock hangout-ready.

1. Cutting Back Growth and Nurturing Plants

Get your sharpest clippers ready and rev up your lawn mower, because it’s time cut back the old growth.

• Cut grass down to within a few inches of the dirt.
• Strip away old vines threatening to overtake trees.
• Prune roses and shrubs.
• Cut back yellow and decaying bits of plants, and transplant seedlings as soon as possible after sprouting.
• Add new fertilizer and mulch to nurture plants.