Herbal Homekeeping: Nontoxic Homemade Cleaning Solutions

Create your own natural cleaning products from herbal ingredients.

| May/June 1999

The next time you’re dashing down the cleaning product aisle of your local grocery store, searching for your favorite cleaning items, STOP! Look at how many cleaning products are available and the shelf-feet of space they take. I see an amazing irony on those shelves: All those cleaning products, offered to make your homekeeping duties easier, actually complicate life. They also waste valuable natural resources, time, money, and space. They create certain kinds of stress, too—and nobody needs that.


How many plastic bottles and containers can you fit under your kitchen sink? Advertisers would have us believe that we need a different product for each surface in the home and for every messy possibility: dust, grease, mud, pet tracks, clothing stains.


Have you read the labels of these “helpful” products? Many give poison-center phone numbers, toxic-waste disposal information, and disclaimers for allergic reactions, and for good reason. The ingredients of these products are poisonous, toxic, and downright hazardous—yet they’re promoted as our best housekeeping friends.

Raising a Stink 

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