Top 10 Eco-Building Products

BuildingGreen's favorite green building products this year.

| March/April 2006

BuildingGreen, publisher of the GreenSpec product directory and Environmental Building News, recently named the 10 most exciting products added to its directory during the past year.

1) Aquia Dual-Flush Toilet: This residential toilet offers two flush options: standard for solid wastes and lower volume for liquid wastes. It can save a family of four 7,000 gallons of water per year. 

2) BioNet Erosion-Control Mats: Completely biodegradable BioNet mats by North American Green have a straw and/or coconut-fiber core inside jute netting. 

3) Enbryten LED Luminaires: This line of pendant, downlight and sconce luminaires uses high- efficiency, white LEDs (light-emitting diodes). 

4) Ice Bear Thermal Energy Storage System: For air-conditioning, this electricity-saving condensing unit freezes and stores tanks of water at night (when electrical-grid demand is low) for cooling use during peak daytime hours. 

5) Nybacker Tile Backer-Board: Nybacker is a strong, flexible, tile backer made of recycled carpet. 

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