Product of the Week: Rishi Tea’s Organic Iced Teas

Nothing says summer like Rishi Tea’s organic and fair trade-certified iced teas

| May 2009 Web

  • The summer iced teas are made with the perfect blend of antioxidants, bold flavors and premium teas and herbs.
    Photo Courtesy Rishi Tea

Rishi Tea is known for its organic and fair trade-certified hot teas that originate from tea fields around the world. Rishi Tea just released its line of eight iced teas that capture the flavors of summer in a blend of teas and herbs that is only achieved from quality tea leaves.  

The summer iced teas are made with the perfect blend of antioxidants, bold flavors and premium teas and herbs. The refreshing drink comes in eight varieties, both caffeine-free and caffeinated. Peach rooibos, mint rooibos, blueberry red and tropical and crimson are caffeine-free, and summer lemon, classic citrus, citron green and pure are caffeinated. The last two teas are World Tea Expo award-winners.

Although I love traditional hot Japanese tea and yerba mate, these iced teas are fantastic. My favorite is the caffeine-free peach rooibos, which contains essential peach, orange and tangerine oils, rooibos, licorice and hibiscus. Blended together the tea is a refreshing drink after a long bike ride.

Rishi Tea is an environmental leader in the tea industry. In addition to the eco-friendly iced and hot teas, Rishi Tea opted for packaging that is Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified and printed with soy-based ink.  

Each box contains five tea pouches that make a quart of tea for $6.99. The iced teas are available through Rishi Tea’s website or at Whole Foods Markets.

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