Product of the Week: Earthlust Stainless Steel Water Bottle

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Earthlust stainless steel water bottles are custom designed using non-toxic paints. Each bottle comes with a unique, limted edition design.

BPA is everywhere, from the linings in canned food to baby bottles. Those who use reusable water bottles on a daily basis know that many plastic water bottles contain BPA, and by now most of us are aware that the linings in some older stainless steel water bottles contain BPA, too.

Also known as bisphenol A, BPA is believed to have an adverse affect on the brains and reproductive systems of small children. For a safe (and fun) option, try Earthlust stainless steel water bottles. Earthlust’s water bottles are made from high-quality 18/8 stainless steel. The bottles remain unlined, eliminating the threat of toxic chemicals leaching into your water. The bottles are capped with BPA-free polypropylene #5 plastic caps and come with a handy carabineer.

What really makes Earthlust water bottles stand out are their unique designs. The bottles are custom-designed and painted with nontoxic paints. Most lines are limited edition, meaning instead of a common water bottle, you’ll have a unique piece of work.

Earthlust water bottles come in various sizes: 13 ounces ($16), 20 ounces ($18) and 1 liter ($21). You can buy the bottles on Earthlust’s shopping website, or at retailers around the United States, Canada and Australia. To search for an Earthlust water bottle retailer in your area, visit Earthlust’s Where to Buy page and type in your zip code.

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