How Much Does Your Home Outgas?

Find out with the Green Guard Certification program.

| November/December 2002

Before you buy that new sofa, chair, curtain, or desk, wouldn’t it be nice to find out exactly how much it’s going to outgas in your home?

Since 1999, Greenguard Certification Program, an Atlanta-based nonprofit, has been monitoring commercial products for air quality emissions. Clients—including Lexmark, Hewlett-Packard, and Steelcase—come to the firm seeking third-party verification that their products are as eco-friendly as they say. An Atlanta laboratory tests the products and turns the results over to Greenguard, which has established a universal set of air quality standards based on criteria from government agencies. If the product passes testing on an ongoing basis, it is awarded Greenguard Certification and is also listed in Greenguard’s product guide, available at

The service has been such a hit that testing on home furnishings could come as early as next year. “I actually don’t see a limit,” says marketing manager Henning Bloech. “The markets are going to drive it. If the consumers demand low-emitting products over others and voice an opinion, the manufacturers will comply.”

—Lori Tobias

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