Product of the Week: Kangabag

These eco-bags are durable, unique and socially responsible.

| April 2009 Web

  • The Kangabag folds into a pocket-sized pouch for easy carrying and storage.
    Photo Courtesy Kangabag

Making the switch from plastic bags to a more sustainable option is an important step toward greening your life. Reusable bags keep waste from piling up in landfills while eliminating the need to create new materials and products. Kangabag does all that by using recycled and natural materials, helping to support a community of women in Tanzania and looking so darn good.

Kangabag is 100 percent cotton, and is made from the same fabrics that African women traditionally use for making clothing, providing shelter from the sun, carrying their children on their backs and decorating their homes. Each bag is handmade—so no two are exactly alike—and the buttons are made from recycled materials by local craftsmen.

Kangabags are made by a group of women in Tanzania, Africa, who belong to an association that promotes women micro-entrepreneurs, organizes training for unskilled women and contributes to better family income. In short, by buying a Kangabag, you are supporting an important and socially responsible cause.

The Kangabags are all beautiful and unique, and within each design you can find a variety of African proverbs, idioms, sayings and slogans. These are often messages of affection, reassurance, or caution, and some even have political undertones. Kangabag comes in two styles: shopping and leisure. The shopping style is stronger and larger in order to hold your purchases, while the leisure style is smaller and more lightweight, and can be used for carrying a few items at a time.

Perhaps the most unique aspect of the Kangabag is that it has its own pouch sewn into the top for easy carry and storage. Every bag can go from full-size to fist-size in just a few seconds, which can save a lot of space at home, in your car, or where ever you decide to keep yours.

The Kangabag is now available in North America, and can soon be purchased for $15.99 from You can also contact Kangabag at with any questions or orders.

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