Test Your Fair Trade Knowledge

October is Fair Trade Month. Do you know what that means?

| September/October 2006

October is fair trade month. Celebrate by taking our quiz and finding out how much you know about the fair trade market.

1. What products are third-party certified as Fair Trade?
a. Clothing, fabrics and textiles
b. Automobiles
c. Food such as tea, coffee and rice

2. What does the Fair Trade logo promise?
a. That farmers and other workers received a fair price for their goods
b. That no animals were harmed in creating the product
c. That the workers are treated fairly by their employers

3. How does Fair Trade affect communities?
a. Helps provide economic stability for poor rural communities
b. Allows communities to invest money in schools and local medical programs
c. Allows farmers to maintain the quality of their products
d. All of the above

4. True or False? All organic products are considered Fair Trade.


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