Decorating Your Natural Home: A Guide to Sustainable Home Furnishings

Follow these tips when shopping for sustainable materials for your home.

| July/August 2006

Shopping for sustainable home furnishings couldn’t be easier; just follow these basic principles.

Principe #1: Salvage, reuse, reclaim or repurpose it.

Attempt to give everything—a chair, a half-used can of paint, reclaimed wood flooring—a second life, especially if it’s made from natural materials. When you reuse items, there’s less demand for new goods—which means less mining, logging, milling or manufacturing in the long run. You can find many materials—from floor tile to bathroom fixtures—at construction exchanges or local salvage yards.

Principle #2: Choose natural and renewable.

The best natural choices for your home are made from rapidly renewable resources including wool, wheat, bamboo or cork. Wood is renewable, but it takes decades to replace a tree. Stone is not renewable, but it requires less embodied energy (the amount of mining, smelting, machine-working, firing, processing or shipping required to make something) than metal. Most natural materials will eventually biodegrade or disintegrate when disposed of.

Principle #3: Buy recycled.

Anabell Jones
12/15/2013 8:47:50 AM

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