Best For Kitchen and Bath: Recycled and Efficient Products

Choose recycled and efficient for your high-use spaces.

| September/October 2008






Want a Better Dishwasher? Just Asko

At Asko, “every dishwasher is Energy Star–rated,” company spokesperson Brittany Musacchio says. Model D3531XLHD is almost 150 percent more energy-efficient than the federal standard required for dishwashers. The dishwasher consumes only 5 gallons of water per wash, much less than the 9 or so used by a typical dishwasher, and uses half the detergent. When it wears out, the metal and plastic components are recycle-ready. “Being green is not a trend for us, it’s our heritage,” Musacchio says. ASKO D3531XLHD, $1,150.  

Lobster: It’s What’s Serving Dinner

Artful Wares’ granite-look serving pieces are made from crustacean and mollusk shells in a nontoxic and dishwasher-safe resin. Reclaimed from seafood processors in the Northeast, the shells would otherwise be discarded. “It’s an issue in Maine—there isn’t really anything done with the shells,” owner Tamra Philbrook says. “Shellfish companies are eager to have them go to us because then they don’t have to pay to put them in a landfill or barge them out to sea.” Lobster Salad set: $100. (888) 670-2723.

It’s a Guy Thing

The Kohler Steward waterless urinal’s sleek design belies its frugality—not only could it save up to 5,000 gallons of water each year, but it’s touch-free (there’s no flush lever) and easy to clean. Unlike some waterless models, the Steward has no cartridge to change; once a week, just rinse and add Kohler’s cleaning and sealing liquid. Kohler product manager Shane Judd says waterless urinals are becoming more common in homes as water conservation becomes a bigger issue, and they are practical, too, he says. “Men are used to using a urinal, and it’s very familiar and comfortable for them,” Judd says. “And women like it because it gets men off their toilet!” Kohler Steward (K-4918): $540 plus installation.

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