Product of the Week: Bali’s Best Natural Coffee and Tea Candy

Pop one of these candies into your mouth for a tasty, natural treat.

| December 2009 Web

  • Try a piece of Bali's Best natural Tea or Coffee Candy.
    Photo Courtesy Fusion Gourmet

Looking for a tasty treat? Bali’s Best Coffee and Tea Candy uses the delicious flavors of coffee and tea in its natural candy.

Bali’s Best offers three different flavors of its Tea Candy: Green Tea Latte, Classic Iced Tea and Citrus Green.

All of the tea candies are a natural source of antioxidants. The ingredients in the tea candies include: Glucose syrup (tapioca), cane sugar, milk powder, tea extract, natural green tea flavor, salt and milk. The Citrus Green Tea Candy also contains natural lemon flavor and chlorophyll (natural coloring).

Bali’s Best Coffee Candy comes in three flavors: Coffee, Espresso and Latte. All three offer rich, bold coffee flavors, but the Espresso and Latte Candy also contain soft centers filled with creamy espresso and latte.

The coffee candies contain 3 milligrams of caffeine each. About 20 to 25 pieces of candy are the equivalent of an 8 ounce cup of coffee.

The ingredients in the Coffee Candy include cane sugar, glucose, milk powder, coffee extract, natural coffee flavor, unhydrogenated coconut oil, salt, caramel and milk. The ingredients in the Espresso Candy include glucose syrup (tapioca), cane sugar, glycerine, unhydrogenated coconut oil, coffee extract, milk powder, natural coffee flavor, salt, caramel (cane sugar) and milk. The ingredients in the Latte Candy include glucose syrup (tapioca), cane sugar, unhydrogenated coconut oil, milk powder, coffee extract, salt, lecithin, natural coffee flavor, milk and soy.

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