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Fresh Clips: The Future of Wild Herbs

By Steven Foster

With growing concerns about food safety and the environment, the market for organic products has exploded. But the worldwide demand for organic wild-harvested herbs has raised another concern: Could over-harvest of wild herbs endanger some species and their habitats?

Round Robin: Whirly-Birds

By Jennie Storey

The fresh scent of nasturtiums is for me the defining scent of October, as coolness and moisture revive a fragrance smothered in the summer’s heat. The rest of the summer annuals are doomed, and they know it.

Round Robin: Final Tour

By Andy Van Hevelingen

The garden is settling down, and so am I. If the garden is not weeded quite as meticu­lously as I would like it to be, so be it; there’s always next year to correct my failings. However, not being a zealous weeder and deadheader does have its benefits.

Round Robin: Garden Snobbery

By Rob Proctor

The world of plants is so enormous that we can spend a lifetime discovering it. I go from passion to passion weekly, but some gardeners go far beyond mere enthusiasm.


Round Robin: Save or Savor?

By Portia Meares

Do I revel in the sweet smells and participate in the quiet living energy outdoors, or do I closet myself with the computer in an attempt to record what I am, at that moment, missing? Do I save or savor?

Round Robin: Backyard Beauties

By Elisabeth Sheldon

Now, in the quieter days of August, I can think back on the hectic days of spring. It rained and snowed so continuously through March and April that we were unable to get out in the garden until well along in May.

Round Robin: Glad to Be Here

By Andy Van Hevelingen

The annual conference of the International Herb Growers and Marketers Association (IHGMA) was held in Washington State in July, and it gave me the opportunity to compare notes with fellow herb growers from across the nation.

Looking Back: A visit with founder Linda Ligon

By Allison Martin

A quick Q&A with The Herb Companion's founder, Linda Ligon.