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Down to Earth: The $10,000 Lecture

By Jim Long

The sacrifices some folks make to talk about herbs.

Herbal Spa: Casa Laguna Inn & Spa

By Kris Wetherbee

Unwind by the Pacific ocean at this issue's "Herbal Spa."

Fresh Clips: Dill Infused Vodka Recipe

By Linda Shockley

This dill infused vodka recipe is one of the many flavored spirits offered at Russian Samovar in New York.

Fresh Clips: Sip Infused Vodka at Russian Samovar

By Linda Shockley

At New York's Russian Samovar you can drink infused vodka like a true Russian


Fresh Clips: The Newest, Hottest Pepper

By Robin Siktberg

The hottest pepper known has now been identified as a naturally occurring chile pepper hybrid from India, ‘Bhut Jolokia’ according to researchers at New Mexico State University.

Fresh Clips: Green Cleaning Services at Your Command

By Jessica Sain-Baird

Green cleaning services are gaining popularity around the country.

Fresh Clips: Get a Bionic Gardening Glove Grip

By Patsy Bell Hobson

Bionic Gardening Gloves do more than keep hands clean - they're orthopedic too. 

Fresh Clips: Bioflavonoids are What Mother Knows Best

By Steven Foster

Bioflavonoids (generally, plant pigment compounds) are widely associated with reducing risk for cardiovascular disease, cancers, metabolic syndrome and a host of other ailments.