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Round Robin: Feathered Friends

By Andy Van Hevelingen

Notes From a Regional Gardener: Thinking back on this past growing season, I noted an obvious decrease in the number of tree frogs, butterflies, and hummingbirds visiting my garden. I hope that it was only an aberrant year.

Round Robin: Exasperating Perilla Frutescens

By Elisabeth Sheldon

Notes from Regional Herb Gardeners: Was there ever such an exasperating plant as perilla? Ever a plant so determinedly, so single-mindedly, so frantically bent on procreation? It seeds itself into the center of every perennial in the garden, into pots of geraniums, and in the cracks between bricks and flagstones. How shamefully fecund it is, yet how useful!

Round Robin: Rueful Memories

By Portia Meares

Notes from Regional Herb Gardeners: After last winter, the severest in years, one gardener took an inventory of the damage to her herb garden in hopes of forestalling devastation the next time around.

10 Date and Gift Ideas for a Green Valentine's Day

By Susan Melgren

Celebrate the holiday of love by showing some love for the earth. From organic flowers and chocolates to romantic evenings at home, here’s how you can have a green Valentine’s Day.


Round Robin: Easing Into Hibernation

By Elisabeth Sheldon

Notes from a Regional Gardener: People have asked me if I shouldn’t like to have a greenhouse or to move south where I could garden all year, and the answer is no. Possibly I’m part grizzly bear, for I feel that winter is for hibernating and restoring the tissues, for reading, writing, and listening to music.

Round Robin: Garden Sing-A-Long

By Rob Proctor

Notes from a Regional Gardener: One of the biggest stars in the garden last summer was Knautia macedonica. Try spelling that out loud a couple of hundred times in one afternoon. Learn more.

Round Robin: The Rosemary Mystery

By Portia Meares

Notes from Regional Herb Gardeners: On a recent trip to Point Lookout, Maryland, in search of sandy beaches and restful waves, I discovered St. Mary’s City—and a rosemary mystery. Learn more.

Round Robin: Fight Mice with Filbert Nuts

By Andy Van Hevelingen

Notes from regional herb gardeners: In an earlier issue, I mentioned my trouble with mice eating my herb seed in the greenhouse, and I thought I’d bring you up to date on my progress.