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Round Robin: Luminous Pinks

By Elisabeth Sheldon

Notes from regional herb gardeners: If you’ve grown mountain mint (Pycnanthemum sp.), you must love it as much as I do. If you don’t know it, let me tell you about it.

Book Review: The Backyard Beekeeper’s Honey Handbook

By Ariel Tilson

This guide to all things honey takes readers through the final stages of honey refinement. Read more.

Editor's Pick: Holly Blues

By The Herb Companion staff

This month, our Editor's Pick regards the latest installment in the China Bayles mystery series.

Fresh Clips: Herb Day

By Allison Martin

Everyone’s favorite grassroots herb movement has changed its date of celebration from the fall to the first Saturday in May, so mark your calendars for HerbDay on May 1, 2010.


In Basket: May 2010

By The Herb Companion staff

Our readers are always writing to us and asking us questions about herbs. Read some of our favorite letters regarding the May 2010 issue.

Book Review: Medicinal Mushrooms

By Michael Castleman

For those whose experience with mushrooms is limited to the bland white things at the supermarket (Agaricus bisporus), Hobbs, a fourth-generation herb­alist and an internationally recognized expert on the history, folklore, botany, and pharmacology of medicinal herbs, has written a magnificent introduction to the wide world of edible and medicinal fungi.

Round Robin: Temperature Control

By Geraldine Laufer

Notes From A Regional Gardener: Each fall, I clean out the cold frame and test my soil-heating mat—a length of plastic webbing with a low-voltage heating cable snaking back and forth in the mesh. Plugged into an electrical power source, the mat keeps the temperature inside the frame above freezing, turning the cold frame into a hotbed. Read more.

Round Robin: Tomato Memories

By Elisabeth Sheldon

Notes From A Regional Gardener: Tonight we’re having pasta with a sauce I made and put in jars last summer. My husband grows many kinds of tomatoes, including paste tomatoes, but lately those with the best flavor have been the cherry tomatoes. Read more.