9 Places to Perk Up with Indoor Plants this Winter

By Jess McBride, Houzz 

As temperatures drop and leaves fall from the trees, adding greenery inside can help ease the winter blues. Here are nine places where container plants can bring style and good cheer to your home. 

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Indoor Plants 1
Chris Snook, original photo on Houzz 

1. Above the sink. 

As with most things in decorating, there is a minimalist and a maximalist approach to decking your halls with holly and houseplants. On the minimalist end of the spectrum is hanging a few small pails across a tension rod in your kitchen as a makeshift herb garden. The mounting hardware can be had on the cheap from your local hardware store, and all you need are a few grocery store seedlings and a sunny window to freshen your kitchen with the scent of aromatic herbs. 

2. Around the home office.

All the necessary electronics of our working lives can make for a dismal office space. One solution is to fill the room with plants. Hanging them means you can retain more of your desk space for productivity.