Discover Countless Decor Possibilities Hiding in Your Junk Pile

By Samantha Schoech, Houzz 

There is so much to be said for using old stuff instead of heading to the store every time the mood to decorate strikes. First, it's environmentally friendly and much easier on the pocketbook. But do-gooding aside, homes that incorporate old or odd items into their decor are more original and have tons more personality. I mean, sure you can get cute matching nightstands at your local big-box store. But you could also tap into that DIY gene and make something wholly original out of things you may already have. 

Generally speaking, salvaged and reinvented items look best mixed in with new stuff. After all, we're going for personality and originality, not junkyard chic. 

Old window frames, doors and gates work as decoration just the way they are. Lean or hang one against a wall for instant Shabby Chic, French country style. 

Hint: Beware of lead in pre-1970s items with peeling paint. Seal such items with a few coats of spray-on matte polyurethane to prevent flaking and chipping. 

Junk Decor 1
Adrienne DeRosa, original photo on Houzz