How to Hide a Kitchen Compost Bin

By Barbra Bright, Houzz

These days my most requested cabinet accessory is a compost receptacle. With recycling and garbage bins, it makes a trio that is the cornerstone of waste management for the kitchen.

I’m not sure why all my clients seem to have acquired a newfound love of gardening along with a desire to amend their soil with the nutrient-rich scraps from their kitchen — but I do know how to help them out. Whatever your reason for wanting to compost, here are some clever places to hide that pile of decomposing food.

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compost bin
Pacific Northwest Cabinetry, original photo on Houzz

1. Pullout cabinet. Gone are the days when the only place for a compost bucket is on the kitchen counter. In this space, the pail stays out of sight until the cabinet door is opened. Recessed next to the trash can, it is easily accessible.