Hearty Hand Warmers

Help someone keep the cold at bay with these cozy, pocket-sized gifts.

| November/ December 2017

  • Romantic hipster couple giving Christmas gifts to each other in Dublin Ireland.
    Photo by iStock/davidf
  • Tuck these into coat pockets to keep cozy all winter long.
    Photo by Courtesy Hello Glow

The Holidays are a time for family and friends, for sharing and for giving. Rather than frantically searching for a last-minute gift at a big box store, consider spending a relaxing winter evening making simple homemade gifts. Select stocking stuffers that will help your loved ones relax and indulge. Or, for the friend who has it all, make a donation in their name to share the abundance of the season with those who need it most.

• 1 or 2 pieces of felt
• Embroidery floss and a needle
• Rice
• Dried lavender or essential oil (optional)

1. Fold felt in half and cut out a heart shape. Use this as your template and cut another. Repeat for set two.

2. Knot embroidery thread at the end and thread the needle. Start sewing 2 of the 4 heart shapes together.

3. When you’ve sewn about 3/4 of the way around the heart, pour the rice and lavender (or drops of essential oil) inside. The amount will vary based on the size of your heart. Use your finger to evenly distribute, but don’t pack it in too tightly because you’ll need to be able to sew it shut.

4. Finish sewing and knot to secure.

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Are these microwaveable?

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