Homemade Beeswax Luminaries

With little more than beeswax and heat, create glowing candle holders that bring light and warm ambience to any room.

By Petra Ahnert
November/ December 2017


Looking for an easy way to bring warmth to the holidays? These softly glowing, DIY luminaries are just the thing. Though perfect year-round for entertaining indoors and out, luminaries filled with the light of flickering candles perfectly set the mood for cozying up against the cold. They make a great alternative to more expensive, store-bought votives; are wonderful to craft with older kids; and any mistake can be melted back down for a second attempt. Make a handful of these little gems to keep your house warm and bright all winter. 


• 6 pounds beeswax
• High-quality, round balloons
• Cold water
• Double boiler
• Hot plate (optional)