Wool Bedding: Sleep Like a Lamb

Sustainable, renewable, biodegradable wool bedding could be the perfect sleeping companion. From pillows to mattresses to comforters, wool bedding represents an investment in health and the environment.

| November/December 2003

Wool bedding has been proven to calm heart rates, lower humidity next to the skin, and maintain better body temperature. It may be just the ticket to a good night's sleep.

How to Care for Wool Bedding

Caring for Wool Bedding

Valued for its natural moisture wicking and air flow properties, wool bedding was once the norm. But since the advent of synthetics, many Americans have had the wool pulled over their eyes. Most people suffer from two big misconceptions about wool: that it’s itchy and it’s too hot. Because of these commonly held myths, many have yet to discover the benefits of this versatile fiber.

Wool’s itchy reputation is a direct result of ­something all of us have experienced—sweaters made of coarse wool fibers that have been dried out by bleaching and dyeing. The surprise is that many wool fibers are really quite soft, especially when they’re not chemically treated.

Many people are also surprised to learn that wool keeps sleepers cool as well as warm. Coil-like wool fibers contain millions of tiny air pockets that trap heat, providing excellent insulation for the body. Those air pockets also allow for easy evaporation of moisture, and it’s believed that evaporative cooling is what makes wool a pleasant fiber even in warm weather.

Why Choose Wool Bedding?

A few other characteristics make wool ideal for bedding. First and foremost, it wicks moisture away from the body better than any other material, manufactured or natural, says Chris Lupton, Ph.D., a wool and mohair fiber expert at Texas A&M Research Center at San Angelo. In fact, wool can absorb up to 30 percent of its own weight in moisture without feeling wet—more than ten times what synthetics or feathers can handle.

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