Go Green With Coconut Furniture and Surfaces

By Ines Hanl, Houzz

When I first came across coconut as a furniture material several years ago, the idea absolutely intrigued me. Coconut shell and palm wood are normally industry by-products, typically either burned or thrown into landfills. But a number of manufacturers have taken up the challenge to transform these waste materials into usable surfaces. Nusa, Kirei, Omarno and Plyboo are just a few of the companies striving to create eco-conscious products out of coconut shell and palm wood, with adhesives that have low or no added urea formaldehyde and low VOC emissions. Rural farmers have gained a new source of revenue from previously unused waste, and the design-conscious public has gained an ecosmart product with an exotic flair.

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Many of the products shown below qualify to achieve LEED points as per the U.S. Green Building Council.

The Sky is the Limit Design, original photo on Houzz

When I was looking for a coffee table for my design studio in 2006, I came upon a company in California called Nusa, which specializes in furniture made from coconut. Seven years later I am still in love with my Nusa table (shown here), made from coconut husks and with a shiny mother-of-pearl inlay in the top. Its sleek Saarinen-inspired shape stands in beautiful contrast to the more unrefined coconut texture.

Lauren Liess Interiors, original photo on Houzz