8 Spaces to Declutter with Smart Organization Hacks

Use these simple organization hacks to clear away clutter in your home to promote a sense of calm and order, with less time spent cleaning and more time for enjoying.

| January/February 2016

  • For lasting change, establish healthy habits for accumulating less.
    Photo by Veer

Landing Area

Without a dedicated spot for keys, purses and sunglasses, places like the kitchen table can become a dumping ground. Consider investing in lockers or a stack of cubbies near the door. Or hang coat hooks in the entryway and add a small table topped with a basket for keys.

Smart Shortcut: If you place a covered recycling basket and/or shredder in this area, you can deal with junk mail before it even has a chance to enter your home.

Hall Closet

The coat closet should ideally hold a piece or two of outerwear for each family member and minimal gear for the current season, with open space to hang guests’ coats. Clean things off the floor, get rid of unmatched gloves and outgrown boots, and corral umbrellas and winter gear in a sturdy bin.

Smart Shortcut: The inside of the coat closet door can be a handy spot to hang a bulletin board for keeping track of family events and emergency numbers.

Family Room

Not so long ago, a large collection of CDs and movies was something of a status symbol. These days, we’re increasingly streaming our entertainment and downloading music on mobile devices, freeing ourselves to get rid of those old jewel cases, video tapes and VCRs.

Smart Shortcut: Hide remote controls in a lidded box or basket; if you own more than two, a universal remote that combines functions in one unit might be a simpler solution.

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