Natural Hair Care

Natural hair care for your zero-waste lifestyle.

| May 2013

  • Eco-Friendly Hair Care
    A discussion of bathroom products wouldn’t be complete without touching on hair care.
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  • Zero-Waste Lifestyle
    “The Zero-Waste Lifestyle” helps readers dip or dive into a greener way of life. This practical guide offers beginner to advanced ways to de-waste every room in the house as well as invaluable insight on how to remain waste-free in every situation.
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  • Eco-Friendly Hair Care
  • Zero-Waste Lifestyle

Learn how to generate less trash and live a healthier and more sustainable life in The Zero-Waste Lifestyle (Ten Speed Press, 2012). Author Amy Korst offers hundreds of ideas for throwing away less in all aspects of your life. In this excerpt taken from chapter seven, “The Zero-Waste Bathroom,” learn about natural hair care.

You can purchase this book from the Mother Earth Living store: The Zero-Waste Lifestyle.

Hair Removal Options

I think most people expected me to stop shaving when we started our garbage-free life. This, however, is something I have no desire to do. I’m much too attached to my smooth legs and armpits to contemplate letting the hair grow. That said, I’ve spent some time researching various zero-waste hair removal options to find the one that works best for me.


The EPA estimates that more than two billion disposable razors wind up in landfills each year. Unlike trying a menstrual cup or a crystal deodorant, which might entail some worry and adjustment, giving up disposable razors in favor of more environmentally friendly options is easy. You have several options.

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