Why You Should Choose a Living Christmas Tree This Year

By Lauren Dunec Hoang, Houzz

It seems like a shame to take a Christmas tree home for a few weeks over the holidays, just to toss it on the curb for the recycling truck. Instead of heading to the tree lot this weekend, consider stopping by your local nursery for a potted conifer that can be brought in for the holidays year after year. Here’s how to choose a tree, care for it through the holiday season and then ensure that it thrives in your landscape. 

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Living Tree 1
Louise de Miranda, original photo on Houzz 

Why Choose a Living Tree?

Opting for a living Christmas tree instead of a cut variety makes sense for a number of reasons. On average, it can take about seven years for a Christmas tree to reach a height of 6 to 7 feet before it’s cut to sell. Once harvested, trees are often transported miles to sell in tree lots before being taken home over the holidays, and then discarded. 

A living tree can also be a more economical choice. Purchase a potted conifer once and you’ll be set with a tree to bring in for the holidays for years.