24 Goods for a Self-Sufficient Home

Create a healthier, simpler, more self-sufficient home with our expert product recommendations for the kitchen, garden and medicine chest.

| July/August 2013

  • Healthy Kitchen
    Make your home more self-sufficient with these expert-recommended products.
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  • Healthy Kitchen

Many products promise to make our lives easier, better, more glamorous and more beautiful. And though we all try not to succumb to marketing tactics, in our minds—which can get too crowded with options—and our homes—too crowded with clutter—it can be hard to sort the facts from the sales pitches. So how did we go about rounding up the essentials for a simple and self-sufficient home? We asked some of our favorite experts in the fields of cooking, gardening and natural health to share their “must-have” products for living better. And here are their top picks. Stock your homestead with these versatile, powerhouse items and you’ll be able to cook, grow and heal just about anything.

Products for a Self-Sufficient Home

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