16 Nature-Based Decorating Projects for Fall and Winter

By Laura Gaskill, Houzz

As the days become shorter and the light fades, we naturally want to hunker down indoors with cozy throws, hot drinks and good friends. And while shopping for new goodies to reflect the season can be fun, you don’t need to spend big to bring the look and feel of the turning seasons into your home. Here are 16 project ideas (most of them quick and ridiculously easy) that make use of whatever natural elements you have on hand, from found feathers to firewood. 

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Natural Decor 1
Envi Interior Design Studio, original photo on Houzz 

You Have: Feathers 

Project: Fill bud vases with feathers.

A single feather tucked into each of a cluster of bud vases makes a poetic dining table centerpiece or bedside adornment. The most fun and meaningful way to collect feathers for your vases is by looking for them during nature walks — though you can always find them at the craft store if foraging proves fruitless. 

You Have: Bare Branches, Twigs or Firewood

Project: Fill a nonworking fireplace with wood.

Fill an unused fireplace to the brim with a neat stack of firewood for a look that’s warm and cozy even without the glow of a fire. You can purchase perfectly round birch logs for this purpose, but regular firewood looks more rustic and real. Always inspect wood for signs of bugs before bringing it into the house. 

Project: Shelve your firewood.

Filling a bookshelf or two with firewood works whether you need to store some for use this winter or just want to add some rustic charm to your space. Use smaller, kindling-sized pieces to fill in the gaps.